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We're back!
   Posted by tjones on 1/14/2011
After six and a half years at Microsoft, I'm back to being an indie developer! Keep an eye on this space as I start to release new products. This is an exciting time!

Managed DirectX 9 Tutorial
   Posted by tjones on 12/9/2003
I've been working with Managed DirectX with C# and I like them a lot. Many things are streamlined and its definitely a good tool for RAD graphics development. Unfortunately, the docs are slim, and it was difficult to even get started. I've written up a tutorial that will hopefully guide others past the problems I had.

Genkisoft TurboHex 1.0 Hex Editor Released!
   Posted by tjones on 7/14/2003
Genkisoft TurboHex is now available for purchase through our partners at BMT Micro. For only $29.95 you can have a lightning fast and easy to use hex editor! We are very pleased with TurboHex and we hope you find it as productive as we do.

Genkisoft Apparel Now Available!
   Posted by tjones on 4/30/2003
Check out the cool fashion line at our NEW apparel store on CafePress! We tried to get something for everyone. We hope everyone enjoys the selections. CafePress is a really great idea, and you should check it out even if you just want personal items.

FREE Genkisoft TurboHex DEMO Released!
   Posted by tjones on 3/16/2003
The DEMO version of TurboHex, our flagship hex editor, is now available! Download it now and give feedback before the final version arrives! Launches!
   Posted by tjones on 1/7/2003
The Genkisoft website is now online and open for business. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements!


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