Genkisoft TurboHex
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Genkisoft TurboHex is the fastest and easiest hex editor to use for Windows. Every power-user needs TurboHex in their toolbox! After using Genkisoft TurboHex for just a few minutes, you will find that you are solving problems faster than if you were using other tools. Check out our awards.

  • Any size file can be viewed or edited!
  • Extremely small and lightning fast!
  • Easy to use!
  • Edit physical disks and partitions!
  • Edit alternate NTFS file streams!
  • Even works on remote files, CDs, Compact Flash, SD Cards, ZIP drives, SmartMedia, and more!
  • Extensive and clear documentation!
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System Requirements:
  • Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
  • Administrator access required for disk editing.

Genkisoft offers a trial version of TurboHex that allows you to view (but not modify) files up to 4K in size. Purchase the full version now to unlock editing capabilities and access to physical disks and more. The full version also works on files of any size.

  • Preview the Genkisoft TurboHex Documentation for free (100 KByte download).
  • Try the Genkisoft TurboHex DEMO (180 KByte download). The DEMO includes documentation for the complete version.
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